Creating tailor-made hardware & software



Introduce highly innovative systems that interact with their environment and act more autonomously. Productivity and security are among the main benefits of the industrial Internet of Things.

  • Connectivity
    Connect data collection devices and automation systems together
  • 0100
    Sensors data collection
    Collect critical and heterogeneous sensors data for analysis in experts systems
  • Remote control
    Remote control interface for sensors management and automation systems

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Enhance your working environment with Augmented Reality by displaying in real-time appropriate and useful information on key elements.

  • Workflow improvement
    Assist workers by visualising critical informations and documentation on field
  • Analytics
    Optimize workflows with metadata from expert system analysis and real-time metadata visualization
  • Communication
    Get real-time feedback from technical assistance to your field workers by enabling two-way video and AR


Anticipate accessibility, ergonomics and maintainability of production lines. Visualize constraints to create upstream solutions. Virtual prototypes to avoid defects, be more innovative and accelerate time-to-market. Immersive remote collaboration between engineers and trainees. Management and collection of analytical data to optimize performance.

  • Worker's Training
    By enabling VR & AR training, boost your workers abilities and accelerate your learning processes
  • Environmental and engineering simulation
    Simulate prototypes, test machine workflow, validate safety procedures
  • Record, analyse & evaluate
    Get worker's evaluation or simulation results with gesture recording and training steps results


From public events to interactive advertising, showcase your products and services through impressive VR & AR applications.

  • HD
    High quality graphics & sounds
    Match AAA gaming rendering
  • Fun & intuitive experiences
    Thanks to gamification, provides immersive experiences for your clients
  • Reusable and easy to setup marketing tools
    Portable setups & easy installation


With an eclectic team composed with I-IOT experts, VR& AR talents, graphic & sound designers and video gaming specialists, Infiniris strength is to bring together partners with complementary skills.



François Scherer
Business Developper
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Paris HQ
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